Fauve Collective – last days of summer

Fauve Collective
Artwork: Kitsch Religion

Artwork: Kitsch Religion

With autumn looming, how did Fauve Collective spend the last few days of summer?

Let’s start with the big news. Fauve Collective’s Cassi songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, has been putting his drumming skills to good use in recent months, with False-Heads – a self-proclaimed punk band that have been described as propulsive and energetic by Clash Magazine. The big news is that they have just been signed by record label, 25 hour convenience store.

The band have been working hard this year, playing gigs across London and the South East and it seems to be paying off. Whats next for the raucous trio?  Well, a new music video of course….

Congratulations to False-Heads – nice one lads!


Signing the dotted line

In other music news, a few of Fauve’s Bristol based musicians have been working together on various projects since gaining the studio space in August. As a result of this Fauveboy, Mernau, Kimaunu, and Meloja joined forces to play a live set at local pub supporting Bristol’s Iceman Furniss.  All in all, it went down well with the local punters. Heres a clip:

The Marsupials

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To hear more from the various melodic abilities of Fauve Collective, why not listen to a Fauvemix.

September saw the release of IDOL‘s debut music video, ‘Drop Me Down’ from his EP ‘Howling Moon’. This very stylish four minutes was shot by the talented Ollie Ma, read more about it here.

Finally, Fauve Collective’s colourful designer, Kitsch Religion took part in Young Makers Market – X Marks the Spot. This was part of an initiative lead by social enterprise Paper Arts, to give various young designers the opportunity to sell their work.


Kitsch Religion sold greeting cards, postcards and art-prints designed by her. Since taking part in the Young Makers Market, there is now original art by Kitsch Religion available to purchase in Co-LAB. There is also further plans to put on a X Marks the Spot Christmas market in central Bristol this year, that’s right, it’s Christmas soon folks.


So altogether quite a successful and productive month for Fauve Collective. Nice one collective!

In a picturesque corner of Kent, that’s where Fauve Collective started out – not a particularly thrilling, or glamorous place but rather somewhere you might like to retire. – Read more about where the collective met and came together.


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